Random Quote "Our passions are not too strong, they are too weak. We are far too easily pleased."
-C.S. Lewis
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Random Scripture And do this, understanding the present time. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, because our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.
Romans 13:11-12
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What is the meaning of life?

OK, ten years later and I'm back to blogging.  It's been forever.  I *hope* to be doing this more often now.  I think one of the reasons I haven't is because I've felt that every blog post needs to be long, life-changing thoughts that nobody in the history of mankind has ever had before.  So expect some things that are much more short and to the point.

So, today's short and to the point topic: what is the meaning of life?  I know, easy to answer, right?  So here goes…

I've been in the midst of changing seasons, in many ways.  And God has been showing and teaching me a lot.  Too much to ever describe, and too much for me to put into words or clear thoughts even for myself.  And I know there's even so much more.  But what's the big thing He's been showing me?  His unfailing, perfect love.  Didn't I know of this before?  Well, yes.  But no.  Let's start here: there is a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge.  I can walk up to someone and tell them God loves them despite their sin.  They may even believe me.  But there is nothing I can do to have those words change the state of their heart.  It is the Holy Spirit that must come and give them revelation of the Father's love for them.

An understanding.  A revelation is an understanding given by God - when you receive a revelation it hits you on every level: mind, body, soul.  It's not until we have a revelation of God's love for us that we are truly changed - to know that we are accepted despite our wickedness.  And He doesn't just tolerate us and love us because He has to!  He rejoices over us with dancing!  He loves to give us joy!  He's not mostly angry with us, he delights in us!  I grew up a "Christian" but never really knew in my heart and by experience that God loved me.  It is VERY important that everyone experience God's love!  This experience is something our logic can never explain.

Picture a joyful God!  Does Jesus laugh?  I think so!  I think He is probably one of the funniest people who ever lived.  The most joyful.  I can picture Him now - sitting on the throne, looking down at all of His children and laughing hysterically!  Not because He's laughing at us, but because He is so overtaken with joy for each of us that He can't contain it!

The reason we're alive

So I suppose that brings us to the meaning of life - the question that humans have probably pondered since their creation.  What is the purpose of living?  The very reason for our existence is to accept the love of God and to return it.  If we are apart from God and not continually in His presence, we will NEVER be satisfied.  There will always be a sense of emptiness.  You can try as hard as you want, it doesn't matter what you do!  I guarantee that if you're trying to find meaning and purpose in anything or anyone but Jesus, you will ultimately be let down EVERY time.

Let's check out Psalm 16:11:

You make known to me the path of life;
in your presence there is fullness of joy;
at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Did you read that?  Read it at least five more times!  ONLY God can make known to us the path of life.  And not just that, but in His presence, and His presence alone, there is FULLNESS OF JOY and pleasures forevermore!!  Are you getting this?  Okay, picture the most joyful person you have ever known and at the time you saw them having the most joy.  What were they doing?  Staring blankly?  Looking bored?  Alright, I'm convinced that if we are filled with the fullness of joy, we will NOT be able to sit there and proclaim in a monotone voice with a straight face, "Boy do I have joy right now."  No!!  I bet there would be laughing, excitement, dancing - I guarantee most people would think you were crazy.  I do believe that God can and does give us outward expressions of joy while we are in His presence.  This is one thing I've been experiencing lately, and has been a means of Him speaking to me.  Have you ever laughed for a long time?  Yeah, I'm not kidding when I say there have been times lately while in His presence (note: nobody told a funny joke, I wasn't watching a movie, etc.) where I haven't been able to stop laughing for literally hours.  It hurts!  But there is nothing like it and somehow each time I know a bit more the love that the Father has for me.

Do you want to know God's love for you?  Ask, and keep asking.  You will be surprised!